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Dr. Henri Atlan

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speaking in June
2013 in Jerusalem
at 'The Medicine 
Of Tomorrow'

"Capitalism works best when things can be measured"  
- Bill Gates, CNBC Squawkbox, May 6, 2013
"Hope is statistical..."
- Dr. Henri Atlan, The Medicine of Tomorrow - Presidential Conference, Jerusalem - June 2013

Atlan Measures of Effectiveness (AME's) are named for Dr. Henri Atlan, biophysicist of Paris, France whose 1972 work on information theory and self-organizing systems serves as the basis for measuring effectiveness through information flow.

AME's are the presentation of an organization's priorities and goals focused in a paragraph or two of definition of each AME that leads to a two-axis graphical presentation of ongoing measurable data. When coupled with the short explanation, the graph defines at a glance what an organization's effectiveness is in accomplishing its selected prioritized goals, and the supporting steps that are a part of the overall vision and mission of the organization.

From any business or organization's founding, its founder's vision and goals must be both defined and implemented. Success is initially measured by profitability in a business, and cohesiveness around a single goal in an organization in the earliest stages. As the business or organization grows with its success, the vision and the goals often become blurred, and the solution has become the refocusing of the vision in the form of a stated mission statement. And while this has been an effective way to bring commonality to a lot of general and fuzzy thoughts, while trimming away the competition, and failures that have served as problems, the mission statement limits the expansion of vision, and particularly goals, and continues the measurement of success strictly by the net profit, or funding formulas as the entity moves forward. 

Out of these concepts and limitations, the leadership presentations given to the largest organizations, and the best schools always focus on projections of future growth based on two-axis graphs supported by explanations that define where the future is looking. But we also all know that once the proforma's and projections have been given their due, and the time passes, no one has been eager to look back and see how closely the projections aligned with the reality - particularly when they are far apart. Only when the projections have been successfully accurate or often 'luckily' accurate are the prophets ready to tout their success, and lay claim to their obviously exceptional insight. 

The truth of course is that we often learn more from our failures, and such is true with information that fails to be accurate when we have used incorrect assumptions, failed to foresee the obvious considerations, and/or simply were too optimistic or pessimistic based on our own personal biases.

Atlan Measures of Effectiveness (AME's) are the discipline of creating tracking graphing based on how we are actually measuring up on the measurables in all aspects of our planned growth from the moment we defined our desired path based on our initial vision and goals. Far more effective than a Mission Statement, the discipline of defining our vision and goals with the discipline of measurable goals as the definition fo what our company or organization is intended to be, AND this is how much we intend to accomplish measurably in each of the steps toward our overall stated goal - feel free to watch our success (and/or failure) on our website's AMEs page as we track our overall goal, and break out our measurable success on each of the identified contributing portions, steps, and/or divisions - all with the automatic updating of technology contributing to a public (or private) record of our success as we are willing to share it. Announcements of changes in goals and tracking not only serve to increase accountability, and reflect the transparent nature of leadership, it also serves as further communication opportunities to interested parties. And the creative selection of criteria for an organization's AME's will demonstrate its creativity and potential to both share and maintain appropriate discretion on important considerations. Not everything should be shown, but much more can be said by what IS shown.

The reality is that this is the logical outgrowth of reporting available to both entity members, and investors/funders that should be expected in an information age that is now fully capable of delivering this level of accountability, and the companies and organizations that build their public AME's pages first are going to be the ones the investors, clients, and lenders are going to flock to, while the rest hide behind fuzzy words of consolation that continue to lack clarity and accountability.

When the public facility of the internet offers your business or organization the opportunity to communicate so much more effectively to everyone else, isn't the creativity of your effectiveness in communicating all that is missing from making the most of this opportunity? Many of us may like to invest in your goals if we were clear on what your AME's are.



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