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Atlan International
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 Areas Of Focus:

- Vision Building
- Strategic Planning
- Goal Setting Steps
- Action Step Building
- The Art of Delegation

- Financial Planning
- Capitalization Plans
- Venture Capital &
      Fund Raising
- Budgets & Reports

- Quality Control
- Inventory Control
- Making The Most
      of the Internet
- Software Integration
- Systems Design

- Marketing Planning
- Network Building
- Sales Management
- Branding & Graphics

- Deal Making Skills
- Project Management
- Team Building & HR
- Direct Marketing
- Leads Development

- Safety & Compliance
- Insurance & Risk
- Benefits and Wages
- Hiring Practices
- Training & Sills Dev.

Need help in any of
these areas? We 
can likely help you
through this site.

A Great Choice. 

By joining our Atlan Checkpoint
program at $ 20./month you
are both joining our website and subscribing annually to:

    - Our Monthly Atlan Checkpoint Newsletter
     - the Digest of influences and strategy considerations
      in your business building plans.

    - Our Weekly 'Mondays With Einstein' Infomail on
      Business Builder ideas - at least 7 per week!

    - Access to our complete Atlan University Library of
      chosen and categorized business reprints, publications,
      weblinks, and videos from across the spectrum of
      business pertaining to vision building, goal setting,
      strategic planning, and management shortcuts, tools
     and methods for implementing your plans.

    - 20% Discounts on regional and group coaching
      programs, as well as discounts with other major
      national leadership groups.

    - 30-50% Discounts on individual focus consulting
      for you and your business(es).

All for just $ 20.00 per month. If you are serious
about taking your business and/or business career to
another level, we have the tools you need, and the
system to make it easy and organized.

We look forward to serving you!

Get started by clicking here:

People We Follow:

On Management 

Ken Blanchard
Steven Covey
Peter Drucker
John Maxwell

As Technocrats

Jeff Bezos
Mark Cuban

Personal Development

Napoleon Hill
Robert Kiyosaki
Jim Rohn
Steve Scott
Donald Trump
AL (Art) Williams
Zig Ziglar

ATLAN Is Better Business Coaching

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1327 E. Washington Drive Suite 137                                     8421 Dorchester Road, Suite 109-343
             Harlingen, TX 78550                                                                 Charleston, SC 29420            

   TX Office: (713) 370-7810                                        SC Office: (843) 808-7000   
Fax: (888) 718-7869 


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