The first data catalog
built for the future

The modern data management solution to manage your data lake on AWS

A data catalog deeply integrated with AWS

Deploy easily using AWS CloudFormation and instantly set up the data catalog to boost the discoverability of data stored across S3, Redshift, RDS, EFS, and more.

Join modern, data-driven teams who trust Atlan to democratize your data lake, accelerate digital transformation and governance, and reduce time to insight by 60X.

All this in minutes, not months—with Atlan.

"One of the major reasons for us to consider Atlan for our bank's federation layer is the ease of use and set-up. On day one itself, we get a direct advantage that gives us speed in our data journey."


Digital-first bank

  • Blazingly fast search
  • Introducing data profiles
  • Granular access controls

With Atlan, your data on AWS S3 is instantly portable and reusable across your ecosystem

Let your data live where you want it to and connect with the tools you choose—from Sagemaker, Athena and EMR on AWS to hundreds of other integrations and cloud services.

Downstream BI integrations

Amazon Sagemaker

Amazon Connect


Power BI

  • GUI-based query builder
  • Reusable analytics catalog
  • Exabyte scale on your browser

See the data catalog for AWS in action

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