All your routine work, taken care of.

Out-of-the-box bots can’t solve all your needs. Through Atlan’s open framework, you can build custom logic on top of our inbuilt bots, so your automations work for your business.

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“We are big believers in automating wherever possible and the quality and depth of your APIs, the fact that everything can be API-driven, was a huge deal for us.”

Phil Warner

Director of Data


In-Built Bots

Bots out-of-the-box,
value out-of-this-world

Thought cataloging was boring? Think again. Our bots automate all the cumbersome aspects of cataloging, so you can focus on getting value from metadata. This is cataloging, superpowered.

Auto-Description Bot

Suggests descriptions for data assets powered by the Levenshtein algorithm.

Classification Bot

Tags your sensitive columns and derived assets with classifications such as PII, HIPAA, or GDPR through rule-based metadata playbooks.

Policy-Propagation Bot

Propagates classifications and attached access policies through column-level lineage.

Programmable Bots

BYOB: Build Your Own Bots

Every industry, company, and data team is unique. Different security guidelines, naming conventions, observability standards, and more. Atlan helps your teams create programmable-intelligence bots that can be customized to your industry and your use cases.

Create industry-specific security and privacy bots

for healthcare
BCBS 239
for banking

Build locale-specific compliance bots

for Europe
for California

Write custom observability algorithms

for stale assets
for anomaly detection

We liked that Atlan has a fundamentally open philosophy… This gave us the ability to customise the product for our end users  —  bringing together the best of open-source with a polished, off-the-shelf user experience.

Akash Deep Verma

Director, Data Engineering

The only catalog that
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