We are in awe of the incredible opportunity we have at Atlan—to create products that will power data teams everywhere. In the past decade, products like GitHub helped companies build great engineering cultures. At Atlan, we are on a quest to help build winning data teams of the future.

As an intern on our Product and Engineering Team, you can expect to take on big responsibilities as you work to solve some of today's greatest technology problems with us. We know that the road ahead will be full of uphill challenges and steep learning curves. But as founders who started out fairly young ourselves, we know how powerful 20-somethings can be.

That’s why our interns work on independent projects and take ownership of their work. We couldn't be more proud that over 30% percent of our current leadership team started out with us as interns.

We can’t wait to see what you will build!

(Co-founders of Atlan)

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      Kick off your career with us

      Join a community, not just a company

      When you join Atlan, you become part of a larger community. We regularly contribute to open-source and host meetups to bring together people from technology, engineering and startups.

      We also actively create avenues for Atlanians to attend conferences and learning programs, both as speakers and participants, to help them grow exponentially.

      Ownership and impact from day one

      At Atlan, we are building products that will power countless data teams around the world and help them win with data. Just like GitHub did for developers. As an intern at Atlan, you will get the opportunity to work on projects that will leave a legacy for the world.

      You will work alongside our team on live projects—speak to our users and understand their pain points, think of possible solutions, build these features and push them live.

      Opportunities to learn and grow

      Interning at Atlan means you’ll have access to all the support, mentorship and communities you need to be successful. We expect and empower you to do meaningful work.

      This is the reason that most of our interns end up extending their internships, doing consecutive internships with us, working part-time, and then joining in full-time roles after their graduation.

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      Fill the form below to kick-start your application. You will be redirected to our job site upon submitting your details.

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