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CAPI Survey Software

Conduct in-depth face to face personal interviews, and capture audio and video recordings for market research with Collect, an easy-to-use CAPI survey software.
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Get accurate insights with high-quality data

Get a hold on everything from consumer perceptions to brand awareness to market segmentations.

Get Started Instantly
Get Started Instantly

Just create an account and start creating surveys, no server setup required.

Survey Hard-to-Reach Audiences
Survey Hard-to-Reach Audiences

Collect data in any language, from people without access to phones or internet.

Get Accurate Insights
Get Accurate Insights

View quality data in real time, identify useful trends, and analyze it instantly.

Conduct in-depth interviews
Create surveys in local languages
Measure consumer opinions
Locate the target market

Ask the right questions

  • Audio, video and images can help you conduct background audits, record interviews, and hear how questions are being asked.

  • Survey people in remote areas with forms in any language such as French, Spanish, Arabic or Hindi.

  • Use interactive forms to get qualitative data about consumer opinions, preferences, attitudes and buying habits.

  • Know exactly where your client's target market is located. Automatically record the GPS location of each respondent on Collect.

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Rita Ohaedoghasi

Managing Consultant, Strategy and Research

VIZON Research

At VIZON Research, we are constantly looking for top quality data collection and analysis software. With Collect, we could effectively deploy, supervise, and aggregate the right data across 3 states in Nigeria. We got really useful insights about the demography we were looking to survey and we could easily manage our team of 200 on-field interviewers. The team at Collect is amazing to work with; they have been professional, friendly, and supportive throughout the project.

Make better business decisions

Armed with real-time insights, you can understand marketing impact, keep a pulse on the health of the brand, and make informed business decisions for your client.

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adsHOUSE Indonesia uses Collect to conduct and track its market research

adsHOUSE Indonesia is an advertising, IT, research, sales, and marketing agency. It uses the Collect app to conduct and record its market research — logging user actions, market findings, logistics and expenses in a single, accessible place.

Collect high-quality data with these powerful features

Collect high-quality data with these powerful features

Image Capture

Set benchmarks for the photos' quality. Use the phone camera or gallery.

Multilingual Forms

Create your consumer survey in multiple local languages.

Audio and Video

Capture rich media data for qualitative analysis and deeper insights.

GPS Locations

Capture location coordinates via satellite even when offline.

Works Offline

Collect data even in remote areas without internet or mobile connectivity.

Team Management

Control access and manage field teams on the go for seamless deployments.

Validation Checks

Keep out bad data by setting rules for what data is and isn't allowed.

Skip Logic

Use conditionality or linked questions to make any form quicker and easier.


Managing Director

ARS Market Research Services

It was a pleasure to partner with [Atlan] for conducting a crucial study for the largest online transportation network company in India. Their technology spoke in volumes and their team was fantastic — always available to help and receptive to ideas. Also, the ease of use and versatility of Collect platform really helped us in scaling our project to reach multiple cities and people.

Join more than 200 organizations around the world who use Collect to revolutionize their data collection.

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