Mobile Data Collection and Reporting App for Mining Projects

Mobile Data Collection and Reporting App for Mining Projects

Create site progress reports, manage inventory and track projects all on one easy-to-use mobile data collection app, Collect.

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Minimize project delays and get ahead faster

Monitor the on-site progress of your projects and course correct to stay ahead of the timelines.
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Create Reports

Create daily and weekly work reports.

monitor progress
Monitor Progress

Monitor project progress over time.

Track Timelines

Keep track of project timelines.

Conduct Audits

Create safety checklists and audit reports.

Expense Tracking
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Plan your project better

Keep track of your expenses and inventory to prevent cost overruns.
  • Invoice and work order management
  • Raw materials and resources tracking
  • Machine and equipment maintenance
  • Labor and manpower billing
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Data Analysis
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Get quick insights to make better decisions

View all your data in one place
  • Gain insights on project profitability
  • Track financial overflows
  • Monitor critical tasks
  • Collate reports on project ROI
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