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With Collect, setting up your data collection project, gathering responses, and analyzing data is easy and simple.




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Collect responses without the internet or mobile connectivity

Analyze data instantly by plugging in your favorite BI tools

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How Collect works

Collect helps you go from paper to digital in 3 easy steps.

Simple yet powerful tool for data collection

01 Speed

Start your data collection project quickly and easily. Follow a few simple steps or use our ready-made data collection templates.

Powerful form builder

Design forms, ranging from the simple to complex, in minutes with our intuitive form builder. Set up any type of data collection workflow.

Diverse question types

Collect any type of data—from text to audio-video. Choose from 28+ question types, including advanced options such as location and monitoring.

Prebuilt data collection templates

Choose from dozens of templates, such as the popular impact assessment and personal information survey templates, or cherry pick by industry.

Multilingual forms

Create forms and collect responses in any language! The mobile app interface is also available in English, Spanish, French and 5 Indian languages.

Collect works without the internet as well

You can collect responses even when your team is out in the field, without the internet or mobile connectivity. Just like paper.

As soon as you connect to the internet, all your data is instantly synced and can be viewed on the Collect web dashboard. Something paper forms just can’t do!

02 Collaboration

Set up your team the way you want. Give granular permissions to your field staff on the go, invite admins to manage responses, and choose who can do what.

Simple phone number-based login

Forget the hassle of sharing login IDs and passwords. Add others to your project easily. Simply invite your team to join the project via their phone numbers. Nothing else needed.

Granular team permissions and hierarchies

Choose who can do what within your field staff by assigning roles; invite others to collaborate on forms; or add an entire team to your project in one go with the bulk uploads option.


Categorize responses and let your field staff know what responses they need to collect again by simply adding tags to them. Maintain quality standards easily.

Integrations with third-party tools

Export your data to external tools like Google Docs, Tableau, Power BI, Klipfolio, or hundreds more via Zapier and set up powerful analytics dashboards.

The only app you will ever need for project monitoring and case management

With Collect, you will never have to re-enter baseline information again. Simply view all your entities, filter results with our smart search, and select the right one.

03 Trust

Monitor data quality in real time. Ensure that only clean data is collected with features like validation checks, geotagging, audit trails and flagging.

Secure sign up

Once your team members download the Collect mobile app, they'll be asked to verify their mobile numbers via an OTP. Simple and secure.

Powerful validations and conditions

Make important questions mandatory, set rules like character count limits, or allow respondents to skip questions based on their previous answers (skip logic).

Geotagging of locations and images

Allow field staff to tag the location of each survey or image taken, and ensure that data is being collected from the right locations and people. Works offline as well.

Capture background audio

Allow field staff to record background audio while interviewing respondents. This helps you check that your staff is asking the right questions and reporting the actual responses.