Data Collection Tool

Data Collection App for Construction Projects

A data collection app that lets you monitor on-site activity and progress, conduct quality checks, track costs, and run your projects from anywhere.
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Improve project performance and maintain quality

data collection app
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Create Site Surveys

Survey your entire construction site.

monitor progress
Monitor Progress

Monitor project progress over time.

Track Timelines

Keep track of project timelines.

Conduct Audits

Create safety checklists and audit reports.

Collect data from all project locations
Conduct inspections and quality checks
Capture site photos
Record field observations

Get started instantly

  • Simply choose the project and start filling in daily activity data. No need for connectivity or Internet.

  • Improve your safety and quality inspections with easily accessible checklists.

  • Record visual evidence of completed floors, levels and equipment defects.

  • Record observations on and off the construction site that could help improve your projects.

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Gan Chee Yong
Gan Chee Yong Chuan lim construction

As much as we rely on quality data collected from our construction sites, it had been a big challenge to get this data from our sites located around the country. [Atlan] Collect made it a lot easier for us. It allowed us to create our own forms and get this data instantly. Moreover, the app's user-friendly interface and support from the [Atlan] team made it very easy for us to get started. Their team was proactive in reaching out for our feedback, making enhancements to the app, and answering our queries.

Collect high-quality data with these powerful features

Collect high-quality data with these powerful features

Image Capture

Set benchmarks for the photos' quality. Use the phone camera or gallery.

Multilingual Forms

Create your consumer survey in multiple local languages.

Audio and Video

Capture rich media data for qualitative analysis and deeper insights.

GPS Locations

Capture location coordinates via satellite even when offline.

Works Offline

Collect data even in remote areas without internet or mobile connectivity.

Team Management

Control access and manage field teams on the go for seamless deployments.

Validation Checks

Keep out bad data by setting rules for what data is and isn't allowed.

Skip Logic

Use conditionality or linked questions to make any form quicker and easier.

Join more than 200 organizations around the world who use Collect to revolutionize their data collection.
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