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Data Collection for Research

Collecting comprehensive data for your research is difficult. Use mobile data collection to reach the right conclusions.


Works completely offline


Collect any type of data


No coding or training needed


Real-time data syncing

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Tired of wasting time and money collecting data for research?

Mobile data collection is the solution.

Mobile data collection is the solution.


fewer errors

Real-time validation and automatic flagging ensures your data is top quality.


less time

Entering data on devices is faster, more convenient, and more secure.


lower costs

Mobile data collection saves costs on data entry, translation, etc.

Introducing Collect for research


Create a survey

Create and publish a form on our simple web dashboard.


Collect data

Run your form in the field on low-cost Android devices.


View data

Monitor incoming data, flag errors, and download the final data set.

Collect's user interface is amazing. You just don't feel like using other apps. This is an app that I always want to come back to.

Jyotirmoy Chatterji
Jyotirmoy Chatterji

Co-founder, Acumen Fellow

Project Chirag

Collect high-quality data from anywhere. No coding or internet required.

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Collect the right data
No coding required
Track your audit from start to finish

Take control of your survey

  • With more than 20 question types, collect any type of data with everything from simple subjective questions to complex tabular questions.

  • Collect's simple interface makes creating complex questionnaires as simple as writing an email — no coding or engineers required.

  • Our simple but powerful dashboard lets you sort, monitor, and track incoming data however you want — so your data is under your control, from the beginning to the end.

Works on low-end devices
No internet? No problem
Forget language barriers
Track progress over time
Map your data

No data left behind

  • Collect works with all Android phones and tablets — even cheap ones with low memory — making data collection cheaper, easier, and more accessible for auditors anywhere in the world.

  • Collect ensures that nowhere is too remote. Data collected while offline is synced automatically once there's internet, so you can get data from wherever.

  • Collect is configured to create forms and collect responses in 12 languages, and is compatible with 400+ others. Your data shouldn't be limited by language!

  • Collect is the only app with built-in monitoring that works offline. Track entities (people, places, projects, and more) over time without having to re-enter baseline information every time.

  • Collect makes it easy to track your phone or tablet’s GPS location, no matter where you are. Automatically record the GPS location of each survey, or view a satellite map of your area and tag your location. All without internet.

Communicate your impact to the world

Share your impact with stakeholders, funders, and the public through beautiful graphs and charts. Use static visualizations for reports or interactive ones to engage with the public.

Create even complex forms easily with these powerful form creation options

Image Capture

Collect an image from the camera or its gallery, and set benchmarks for the quality of collected photos.

Offline Data Collection

Collect data anywhere, anytime. Data will save and sync whenever you connect to internet.

Team Management

Create team hierarchies that match your organizational hierarchy for seamless field deployments on the go.


Track entities (people, programs, etc.) over time without having to re-enter baseline information.

Data Validations

Keep out bad data by setting rules for what data is and isn't allowed for each question in your survey.

Skip Logic

Use layers of conditionality, linked questions, or linked surveys to make any form quicker and easier.

Multilingual Forms

Create a survey in any language, or translate the entire app into one of our pre-set languages.

Audio Capture

Hear exactly what's going on in the field with audio questions, which record an audio snippet.

Collect high-quality data from anywhere. No coding or internet required.

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Love for Collect

When analysing big data, one of the major setbacks is data sorting time. I am particularly impressed with how much Collect reduces data sorting time with its data download options. The data is already sorted, ready for analysis.

With Collect, we could create a common platform across multiple states and districts. Our program quickly scaled to multiple geographies, which Collect could manage with ease!

Our field staff are 7th class Marathi-speaking women who might be using smartphones for the first time. It took very little time to train them to use Collect as it is so easy and intuitive to use!

It is the quality of the support provided by [Atlan] that sets them apart from competitors. They were always available to answer questions and provide technical support when needed. We were so impressed by the product and the company that we are again working with [Atlan]!