Create a modern data
dictionary for your data

Bring all the auto generated data quality metrics, human tribal knowledge and pesky column-header definitions to one single place with Atlan's data catalog.

Data scientists spend 80% of their time just finding, cleaning and organizing data.

Does your data lake increasingly look like a data swamp?
Humans of data spend an insane amount of time on figuring out what the data means, where is it from, who has the most context on it and whether its even credible or not in the first place.

Create a single source of truth—with Atlan.

Now, I access the data I need in one click, as all my data sets have a profile on Atlan, with all data dictionary, a readme file and all additional context already there. Instead of wasting time finding context, I can focus on analyzing data for business decisions."

Data Analyst

Fortune 500

More than just a standard data dictionary,
it is the last knowledge base you'll ever need for your data

Auto-generate data dictionary for millions of rows in a few mins.

Create a collaborative data dictionary for collective usage, monitor data quality, compare different revisions, and set up alerts.

Quick report generation

Data revision supported

Supports petabytes of data

Baked-in change data capture

Explore column-level quality metrics for quick insights.

Get a quality snapshot of your data table with auto-generated counts, aggregations and other quality metrics in your data dictionary.

Missing values overview

Min-Max values and ranges

Frequency & unique counts

Mean, Median etc

Create business rules for contextual data quality metrics.

Ensure quality and consistency across data dictionary generated through different sources with rules and permissions.

Rule creation & publishing

Built-in flagging

Row-level permissions

Organization management

Add column-level business context and metadata.

Save time-to-search by adding all business context and tribal knowledge to column-headers across your data tables.

Column-level metadata descriptors

Column-view data dictionary

Column-level metrics

Rules for quality control

Print and share data dictionary reports across teams.

Our shareable data dictionary and data profile help your users quickly understand the data and attribute even more knowledge to it.

Export reports across formats

Auto-schedule recurring reports

Direct integrations with email, chat

Optimized for easy, quick consumption

Set proactive data quality alerts and notifications.

Monitor changes made to any data set via an automated statistical summary of changes. Rely on data revision history to ensure quality.

Auto-generated quality report

Automated alerts and notifications

Built-in quality checks

Direct integrations with email, chat etc

Powering data teams in 50 countries around the world