DataOps platform for winning data teams

Atlan is the only DataOps platform you need to bring the principles of Agile, Lean Manufacturing and DevOps to your data stack.

  • Data Catalog & Discovery
  • Data Quality & Profiling
  • Data Lineage & Governance
  • Data Exploration & Integrations
  • Data Catalog
  • Data Quality
  • Data Lineage
  • Data Exploration

Atlan named a Gartner
Cool Vendor in DataOps.

One of the top 3 companies globally to make it to the list.
  • Visual prototyping canvas
  • Automate recurring workflows
  • Fuss-free proactive monitoring

Streamline daily workflows

Automate and streamline your data lifecycle—from acquisition and analysis to visualization and reporting—seamlessly. Let seamless collaboration and Agile practices drive the daily workflows of your data teams!

Built for scale

Teams are adopting Lean Manufacturing practices by orchestrating, monitoring and managing the flow of data. Bring more transparency and empower your team to scale efficiently and effectively!

More than DevOps for data

DataOps is an extension of the DevOps development model. Our DataOps platform takes the human experience of working with data to the next level. Using our DataOps platform, the enterpise leaders around the world are helping their teams develop, build, test, deploy, run and do more—all in one place!

Built for the humans of data,

Built for the humans of data,

by the humans of data.

We started as a data team ourselves, on a quest to make ourselves as agile as we could. We borrowed the principles of Agile from Product teams. Devops from Engineering teams. Lean Manufacturing from Supply Chain teams.

Experimented for two years, and across 200 data projects to create our own viewpoint of what makes data teams successful.

On a mission to help data teams do more, together

On a mission to help data teams do more, together