The Pioneering

Third-Gen Data Catalog

Data Catalog 3.0

Experience the Metadata Revolution

Third-generation data catalogs will be built on the premise of embedded collaboration that is key in today’s modern workplace, borrowing principles from GitHub, Figma, Slack, Notion, Superhuman, and other modern tools that are commonplace today.

Data Catalog 3.0: Modern Metadata for the Modern Data Stack. Read the full article →

Embedded Collaboration

Seamless integrations with your data team’s daily workflows

“I really liked the collaboration features… You can create a link and immediately send it to another person and say 'Hey, this is a data asset that has an issue' so you can make it actionable. The user experience is very simple and easy to use.”

Venkat Gopalan

Chief Technology, Data & Digital Officer



Contextual Discussions

Get notifications, alerts, and all the context in ongoing Slack chats

In-App Integrations

Create Jira requests while browsing datasets

Reverse Metadata

Context where you need it, when you need it

“The stand-alone metadata management platform will be refocused from augmented data catalogs to a metadata ‘anywhere’ orchestration platform.

Gartner Market Guide for Active Metadata Management 2021

Open by Default

Automated and fully customizable metadata ingestion

“We played around with the custom metadata feature yesterday... I think this is some of the coolest stuff we’ve ever seen in a data catalog…especially since they’re backed by APIs to ingest data from our DQ tool.”

Spencer Lewen

Data Steward


Open APIs

Open APIs

Built on an easily extensible and open architecture

Programmable Bots

Programmable Bots

Drive intelligence with customizable bots

Plugin Marketplace

Plugin Marketplace

Find easy-to-use plugins for all your data tools

360° Visibility

A single workspace for data quality, lineage, catalog, and governance

“Atlan allows us to go way beyond tables and column documentation. It actually treats everything from SQL code, BI dashboards, and data science models all as documentable assets. The best part is that the documentation is embedded in our team’s workflow.”

Danielle Ragan

Vice President of Data & Analytics



that make our day


When I mention Atlan to other competitors, people literally stop replying to us. Because Atlan is such a strong competitor, they know they’ve lost the deal.

Rémi Paulin

Data Architect

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Phil Warner5:10 AM

Unlike other tools we evaluated, Atlan isn't just a tool, it is a destination.

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Petra Pechovska1:54 PM

I love your instant response from anyone from Atlan. That’s rare and precious!

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Austin Lin Gibbons7 hours ago

We picked as being the right choice between “new startup looking for traction” and “large annoying enterprise company”.

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Molly Vander Velde1:54 PM

After evaluating a bunch of tools in the market, we’re beginning to see how much Atlan really shines!

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