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 Focused Resources & Consistent Action Strategies 

Business fine tuning is the cut above discipline that defines successful business, versus getting by as average.

It is also where profit truly comes from. Profits often double in the last 10-20% of effectiveness. That is your money!

Leadership in every aspect of your business management, and policy making, coupled with cutting edge marketing are the fundamentals of making a business profitable, saleable, and market ready. Financial management, legal knowledge, computer and internet technical and marketing skills, and the ability to work within government licensed and regulated environments are all a part of the business builders required toolset. Vision building, planning, and goal setting steps require the focus anddiscipline of time set aside to resolve issus, deal with obstacles, and manage growth intentionally.

If you already know this, then you will appreciate that Atlan are the ones that add that focus and discipline to your efforts and minimize your investment while keeping you on track. 

Get started with one or more of our industry leading Business Coaching Programs - Here are just a few to start with!

A-Minute-For-Mine | Get your daily focus text that puts you on our program.

GROWTH | Great Retirement Opportunities With Technical Help - Condi's weekly commitment to your business fine tuning.

FURTHER | Franchising Utilizing Repetition, Training, History, Education and Resources - Is your business a candidate to be franchised? Some of our GROWTH program candidates are selected to go FURTHER as great companies to franchise. We do the evaluation, the preparation steps, and packaging and set you up with world class brokerages to take it all the way!

Our programs include industry specific focus with experts in your industry. Geared to a company of your current size, and maturity, we offer a range of resources including live seminars, webinars, coaching, consulting, grow groups, daily text messages, weekly infomail, monthly newsletters, articles, CD's, DVD's and toolkits with video's that keep you and your team moving ahead with interactive expectations, and relational communication.

Want to be the smartest team in your company or industry? We'll get you there if you want it!


Condor "Condi" Atlan
Atlan International

ATLAN Is Better Business Coaching

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