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We believe that the future belongs to the humans of data. From finding a cure for cancer to landing on Mars, data teams will power some of the greatest achievements of humankind. But anyone who's worked with data knows how chaotic it can be. That doesn't mean it needs to be.

We're reimagining the human experience of data and building the home that data teams deserve.

Every line of code we write, every feature we add, every pixel we create, everything we do is to help data teams get one step closer to building a winning data culture… and hopefully, power human progress and advancement.

Let’s do this, together.

(Co-founders of Atlan)

We have a ritual called the “Dream Wall” where we dream with our eyes wide open about the kinds of data teams that we hope Atlan will empower one day. See our virtual dream wall.

Let’s build a home
for data teams around the world

Do your life's best work with Atlan

Opportunities and ownership from day zero

From the day you join Atlan, whether full time or as an intern, you become a part of the team and hit the ground running.

You own your projects, chart out your growth path, and pitch in to help your teammates if you have the answers.

Go as far and as fast as you want.

Join a community of humans of data, not just a company

Through our work at Atlan, we live in the center of a very large community representing the best of the modern data stack. We regularly contribute to open-source projects, sponsor community meetups, and play our part as active citizens in the data community.

We’re also actively trying to create avenues for Atlanians to attend conferences and learning programs, both as speakers and participants, to help them grow exponentially.

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Take a sneak peek behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes

Take a sneak peek behind the scenes

Atlan: Building a global SAAS brand
TEDx Gateway: Big data on decisions that matter

What it feels like to work at Atlan

It’s still Day Zero.

Data teams will be one of the most important teams in the next decade. They will find a cure for cancer and prevent the next pandemic. From self-driving cars to putting humans on Mars, every great human achievement will have an amazing data team behind it.

It is truly a privilege to be at the cusp of a category that has come of age… and to even have the glimmer of possibility to be able to build a category-defining company.

What keeps us up at night? How can we ensure that we win? This amazing opportunity is right in front of us, in our grasp. The next 24 months will be a long arduous journey, and it will challenge each and every Atlanian to our fullest.

Flawless execution. Relentless focus. An amazing team. Your work will matter. Both to Atlan and to every data team in the world.

If the shot at building a truly category-defining company excites you, come join us.

Do your life’s best work with us

Do your life’s best work with us

Let’s build an amazing company together

Behind every great company is a great team. This principle is at the heart of our vision for the company we want to build — a company with people at its core.

A company that nurtures its people, their growth and ideas. And that’s why we are committed to giving Atlanians all the support, training, and mentorship they need to do their life's best work.

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