360° visibility for every asset

From tables to dashboards, models to metrics, and columns to glossaries, every data asset is a first-class citizen in Atlan with its own unique 360° view.

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“Before Atlan, we lacked a single source of truth for our ‘ubiquitous language’ for a given data domain. Our knowledge was lost in emails, chats, and meetings.”

Petra Pechovska

Senior Data Governance Lead


Data Preview

Get context by seeing your data

We know how important it is to actually see data, not just metadata, to get 360° context. That’s why Atlan gives you a masked preview of all your tables.

Sample data preview

Get an overview of what the data in your columns actually looks like.

Automatically masked

Sensitive data is hashed, redacted, or nullified based on access policies.

Column-Level Lineage

Trace, track, and trust your data with column-level lineage

“The lineage you have is probably the best laid out lineage we’ve seen — very clean and very easy to understand.”

Phil Warner

Director of Data



Hate documentation? We made it fun.

Crowdsource READMEs

Assign users to pull tribal knowledge right into your README.

Embed documentation

Make your documentation come to life with powerful, native embeds.

Fast, beautiful formatting

Type / for Notion-like commands and powerful formatting.

Use Cases

A $6B fintech generates programmatic documentation

Atlan’s OpenAPIs push an automated README template to new Redshift assets in Atlan. The template standardizes documentation for developers by having pre-defined sections and encourages asset owners to create documentation on time.

Read our API Documentation

Your connected command center

Find all the Slack discussions, GitHub links, and Confluence docs that connect
to your asset, in one place.

Embedded Collaboration

Deep integrations. Zero interruptions.

Switching between apps is annoying. It disrupts flow and creates distractions. Atlan integrates natively with leading collaboration tools so you can work seamlessly with your team, without leaving Atlan.

Easy sharing

A unique GitHub-like URL for every data asset.

Slack alerts

Send context-rich alerts and questions to Slack.


Bubble up issues and warnings in Atlan.

Jira tickets

Spot a bug? Create a ticket directly from Atlan.

Atlan is our way of solving problems without having to ask three of your teammates a navigation question, a lineage question, or an ownership question.“

Holly Hallman

Director of Enterprise Analytics

The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata