The Great Data Debate

Future of the
Modern Data Stack

Watch the founders of the modern data stack for an interactive discussion on the changing data ecosystem and what lies ahead.

1:00 PM EST

Tue, Jan 24

Debatin' Agenda

Session 1: Future of the Modern Data Stack

1:00 PM EST

Tue, Jan 24

The modern data stack is evolving every day, and 2023 will bring yet another wave of disruption. Will this be the year that data mesh becomes a reality for organizations? Is metadata the key to unlocking the potential of the modern data stack? Can data producers and consumers work together in harmony? This first session covers the hottest topics in the data world!
Bob Muglia,

Former CEO, Snowflake

Tristan Handy,

Founder & CEO, dbt labs

Prukalpa Sankar,

Co-founder, Atlan

Austin Kronz,

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan (Moderator)

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Session 2: Future of Data Culture: ROI, Value & Data Teams

1:45 PM EST

Tue, Jan 24

Ever wish you could have leading voices in the data and analytics world help you build out the best data and analytics organization possible?

In 2023, ROI of data and data teams is more important than ever. But how does one run a high functioning data team? What metrics can we use to measure and communicate the value of the work your data team does? This session dives deep into the most important part of the modern data ecosystem: people. We’ll workshop live and figure out what makes a great data team and how showing value and ROI is more important than ever in 2023.
Barr Moses,

Co-Founder and CEO, Monte Carlo

Benn Stancil,

Co-Founder, Mode

Douglas Laney,

Data & Analytics Strategy, West Monroe

Austin Kronz,

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan (Moderator)

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The Great Data Debates
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