The second brain for your business

Get your business on the same page with the Glossary. It's built on a knowledge graph so you can create connections between data, definitions, and domains that mimic how your business works.

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“Being able to refer to written definitions of our data elements has made it so much easier to create accurate, up-to-date reports that our users actually trust.”

Molly Vander Velde

Data Engineer


Terms and Categories

Organize your glossary
the way you want

A Term is the fundamental unit of your glossary. It can be a KPI definition, metric formula, or business taxonomy — it’s up to you. The special part? Group collections of Terms into Categories, and create multi-level hierarchies that mimic the way you work.

Mimic business domains

Mimic data domains

Mimic data sources

Linked Assets

The connected semantic layer
for your business

In Atlan, the glossary is more than just a dictionary. It’s an activated knowledge network for your business, where you can create relationships between definitions, metrics, and assets.

Related terms

Link related definitions and metrics to create a connected organization.

Linked assets

Find glossary context in every asset, every time you search.

Search by terms

Find assets faster by searching for terms like MQL, not table names.


Rich documentation for rich context

Crowdsource READMEs

Assign users to pull tribal knowledge right into your README.

Embed documentation

Make your documentation come to life with powerful, native embeds.

Fast, beautiful formatting

Type / for Notion-like commands and powerful formatting.

First-Class Citizens

360° context for every term, category, and glossary

Add owners

Know who’s responsible for every term and who you can reach out to.

Certify terms

Trust your business definitions by seeing the certified icon.

Track activity

See how a metric formula has changed over time and why.


Get updates on major changes to terms and glossaries.


Everyone suggests, you approve

Get rid of tribal knowledge with Requests. Anyone with view access to data can suggest owners, missing terms, or a change to the description. It’s in your hands to approve.

Members suggest

See something missing? Make a suggestion by sending a Request.

Admins decide

Approve or reject a Request from your personalized home.

“We want to surface everything in the enterprise to the users, but restrict some data in terms of access. I have to go through a request process, but we don’t want to stop them from seeing what exists.”

Luna Rajbhandari

VP, Data Management and Platforms

Bulk Upload

Pick up where you left off

Upload a CSV file

Magically populate your glossary with a simple CSV file.

Monitor with Upload History

Learn about the status, owner, length, and results of your Bulk Uploads.

“Atlan wasn’t built as just a catalog management tool. It’s really a home for data people to collaborate, discuss things, and come together.”

Larisa Gorokhova

Senior Director of Business Intelligence