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Experience the world’s first Active Metadata Platform

“Atlan is pushing the boundary from a DataOps standpoint. You’re disrupting the industry by thinking differently. That’s the core essence of Atlan.“

Venkat Gopalan


The current paradigm of metadata is broken.
We’re fixing it.

Traditional data catalogs are static silos for your metadata. At Atlan, we believe that your metadata could do more. Much more. Here’s how.

Old way
New way

A personalized metadata experience

Data teams are diverse. Analysts, engineers, scientists, and architects all have their own preferences. Then why serve the same generic experience to every persona?

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Personalized homepage

Every persona gets a homepage customized for their needs.

Metadata preferences

Only show the custom metadata that your persona needs.

Curated assets

Curate the right set of assets for your day-to-day workflow.

Designed to help you flow

Work seamlessly with the tools you use every day. Collaborate effectively with your team without leaving Atlan. Power your daily workflows with microflows.

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Built on open source.
Open by default.

Like you, we hate being locked into closed, black-box platforms. That’s why we built Atlan’s core platform on leading open source projects and made every action API-driven.

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Delhivery increased documentation by 250%

Atlan’s bots auto-populated column descriptions for 90% of Delhivery’s assets and assigned owners by scanning query log history.

The bots helped developers document assets at scale and reduced time-to-ownership.

Column descriptions automatically deduced by the bot

We’re partners, not vendors.

Our unique culture enablement program helps your data team go from a data-service to a data-product mindset.


“Thank you for the educational workshop you facilitated for our team. The cultural value-add we get from Atlan in customer engagement complements the product perfectly!”

Harel Shein, Head of Data Engineering



“The Atlan team was very active and responsive to the challenges I faced. The gamification drive got an incredible response!”

Akash Deep Verma,Director, Data Engineering



“The workshop was super helpful to set the tone. The workshop format got the team thinking and now we have a starting point for follow up discussions.”

Lavanya Gopinath,Director of Operations



Data catalogs are going through a paradigm shift

This ebook breaks down where they came from, why they’re changing, and where they’re going.

The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata