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What does Netflix for data look like?

Data teams are diverse. Analysts, engineers, scientists, and architects all have their own preferences. Why serve the same generic experience to all individual personas?

Data Analyst

I want to see certified tables to build an executive report.


I want to find assets with failed pipelines to fix a broken dashboard.

Data Scientist

I want to preview tables to decide what data to use for a model.

Business User

I want to check when the data on the dashboard was last updated.

Personas & Purposes

An effortless way for you to personalize Atlan to every user persona, business domain, and data project in your organization.


Who’s watching?

With Personas, you can create a personalized experience for the different humans of data on your team. Work better with curated context.

Personalized homepage (BETA)

Every persona gets a customized homepage.

Metadata preferences

Display custom metadata relevant to the user.

Curated data assets

Every user sees data curated to their workflows.


Work faster with project-based curation

With Purposes, you can define policies and curate data assets by business domains and project context. Reduce your time-to-value by providing the right data, in the right context.

Curate and serve your marketing data

Create a Purpose for “Market Segmentation” that will curate your Segment, Google Analytics, and Hubspot data, and automatically allow access to your Marketing team on Atlan.

Organize and maintain your Public Financial KPIs

Create a Purpose for “Public Financial Reporting” that will curate all your publicly reported assets, and automatically allow access to your Finance and Legal team on Atlan.

Protect and mask your PII data

Create a Purpose for “PII Classification” that will protect your sensitive information and grant access to only those who need it.

Personalized Discovery

Discovery experiences
designed for you

Engineers love searching through SQL, analysts love browsing by business context. And every user needs their own custom metadata. We built Atlan’s discovery experience to fit the workflows of every persona on your team.

Google-like search

Search with synonyms, SQL syntax, and business context.

Customizable filters

Personalize filters to create a browsing experience that works for you.

Trust signals

Our Companion Sidebar gives you powerful signals to trust your data.

Custom metadata

Technical. Business. Personal. All the metadata that matters, in Atlan.


The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata

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