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“We played around with custom metadata yesterday, I think this is some of the coolest stuff we’ve ever seen in a data catalog…especially since it’s backed by APIs to ingest data from our DQ tool”

Spencer Lewin

Data Steward


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Custom Metadata Widgets

modular widgets

Our Custom Metadata Builder is powered by a modular, no-code interface. So you can easily create widgets, and start crowdsourcing metadata in minutes.

Custom Options

Delightful experiences
for crowdsourcing metadata

Mention Teammates

Assign contributors by searching and tagging user profiles

Stay Up-To-Date

Add freshness dates through a calendar interface

Input Quality Scores

Users can input data quality scores via defined numeric values

Automated API Enrichment

Bring context from your favorite tool

Powerful and easy-to-use APIs to bring in metadata from any tool in your data stack.

... and use it to create filters

So your team can easily find the context and data they need.

Read our API Documentation

Create the context you need

We built custom metadata for you to mold Atlan to your team’s daily workflows. Here’s how you can leverage custom metadata to make working with data simpler for your team.

Surface failed pipelines with ELT metadata

Import metadata from your favorite orchestration tools like Airflow via APIs

Advanced filtering with custom grouping

Group assets by business domains to make filtering easier for your end users

Manage data projects with teams and dates

Add dates and tag teams to your assets in custom metadata widgets

The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata