Figma-like UX, Stripe-like power, Atlan-like lineage

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“The lineage you have is probably the best laid-out lineage we’ve seen — very clean and very easy to understand. Some of the other guys out there get themselves into a huge mess very quickly in laying out lineage, so it’s cool to see you guys have clean lineage.”

Phil Warner

Director of Data


Column-Level Lineage

Column-level confidence

Why settle for table-level lineage when you can have column-level confidence?

Automated SQL parsing

All the way down to column-level relationships.

Out-of-the-box integrations

Connect warehouses and BI tools for cross-system lineage.

Build on top of open APIs

Bring in any data product you want.

Experience Lineage

Smooth. Intuitive. Interactive.

An all-new way to explore lineage

Smooth navigation

Feel the beauty of seamless traversing.

Interactive controls

See as much or as little as you like with node controls.

Personalized views

Toggle to see schema and announcements in lineage.

Zoom out

Use the mini-map to get an overview of your graph.

Deep Integrations with BI tools

Dig deep into BI. Strike gold.

Every BI tool is different, with its own native assets and relationships. Looker has looks and explores. Tableau has fields and worksheets. Atlan’s deep integrations unearth valuable asset relationships by covering the entire estate for your BI tool.

In-Line Actions

Active data lineage

We’ve built in-line actions directly into lineage. When you spot an impacted table or find the source of a broken dashboard, you don’t have to switch apps to tell your team. Activate your lineage for powerful collaboration.

Alert users

Let downstream owners know when you make a change upstream.

Create Jira tickets

Create Jira tickets to highlight broken assets upstream.

Ask in Slack

Message asset owners directly on Slack to learn about an asset.

Impact analysis

Download all downstream tables for impact analysis with custom metadata.

Metadata Propagation

Automatic propagation.
Auto-magic value.

Run ML-powered bots on Atlan to leverage value from Atlan’s powerful lineage, both upstream and downstream. Use pre-built bots straight out of the box or create your own to drive custom use cases for your business.

Protect sensitive data from the source

Every asset derived from a PII source column inherits restricted policies.

Notify users of critical source tables

Propagate a “Critical” tag from your dashboard to upstream source tables.

Automated column descriptions

Propagate descriptions to derived columns with similar names.


Future-proof architecture

Built on and

Built on
Open APIs

Bring any data product into your lineage graph through underlying OpenAPI architecture.

Knowledge Graph Infrastructure

Map relationships between your semantic layer and your data to create a connected data landscape.


Atlan’s Kubernetes-native architecture is designed to parse SQL queries and process lineage at scale.

“I used to spend hours finding the right tables. Now it’s just one click away.

Reshma Paturi

Business Intelligence Analyst

The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata