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Connect all your sources in three steps and monitor them through activity logs and automated Slack alerts.

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”We did an initial installation, and it was so easy. And then, we started looking into actual data within Atlan and I was like, ‘Oh my God, that’s it? All my data is already there?!‘”

Larisa Gorokhova

Senior Director of Business Intelligence


DIY Setup

Get started in 3 steps, without any code

Authenticate your connection

Connect to your tools with Basic or OAuth credentials, and test your authentication before running to pre-empt any failures.

Tell Atlan what data to scan

Bring in or leave out metadata at a database, schema, or table level.

Schedule and run

Set your crawler up to run on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Workflow Center

A powerful, visual interface to
manage your connections

Metadata pipelines are just as complicated as data pipelines, and data engineers spend hours maintaining them every week. That’s where DIY comes in.

Manage workflows

Troubleshoot with ease through a graphical view of your connections.

Monitor workflows

Search and filter between workflows to see success and failure logs.

Get Slack alerts

Stay updated with automated, context-rich alerts for every workflow.


Get started in
30 minutes

with native integrations

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We had all of our data sources flowing within the first day. The user interface made getting up to speed quick and easy and allowed us to source data documentation collaboratively across our organization.”

Danielle Boeglin

VP of Data & Analytics


Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to get Atlan up and running?
We understand that engineering time is the most valuable resource in your organization, so we make setup quick and easy. Our customers typically get Atlan up and running in anywhere between 40 minutes to a week.
What data sources does Atlan support?
When will I start seeing value from Atlan?
Does Atlan provide training and professional services for my team?
Do I need to hire more people?
How much will it cost?

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