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Atlan International
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 Areas Of Focus:

- Vision Building
- Strategic Planning
- Goal Setting Steps
- Action Step Building
- The Art of Delegation

- Financial Planning
- Capitalization Plans
- Venture Capital &
      Fund Raising
- Budgets & Reports

- Quality Control
- Inventory Control
- Making The Most
      of the Internet
- Software Integration
- Systems Design

- Marketing Planning
- Network Building
- Sales Management
- Branding & Graphics

- Deal Making Skills
- Project Management
- Team Building & HR
- Direct Marketing
- Leads Development

- Safety & Compliance
- Insurance & Risk
- Benefits and Wages
- Hiring Practices
- Training & Sills Dev.

Need help in any of
these areas? We 
can likely help you
through this site.

Gear Up To Get Out - Anytime And Always! 

"How you invest your time and resources will determine if you retire wealthy, or simply close your business."

ATLAN is...   
Better Business Coaching To Help You Make The Most Money 

Our programs direct your focus to taking the key steps daily, weekly, monthly and over the years to ensure your business is fine tuned to making the most money that ends up in your pocket.

Our focus includes helping business owners and managers in:

        1. Building Business Value
              - Strategies and services to help create
                  saleable value for your business.
              - Consulting programs that help add
                 value, and/or save your business in crisis.

        2. Finding, Developing and Keeping 
               The Best People 
              - Resources and Materials
              - Networking Tools and Strategies

        3. Asset Purchasing, Management and
               Depreciation Strategies 
              - Tools and Methods

        4. Strategic Partnerships and
               Funding Strategies 
              - Tools and Methods
              - Resources

Our programs and services are offered by Atlan International and the members of ClubAtlan; people that have excelled in the business building process, as management experts, business leaders, technocrats in efficiency, online development, motivational speakers, system and team builders, or with proven expertise in one aspect of the business you are building. Let us introduce you to a wider array of professionals from a broad spectrum of expertise in the areas of business building, management, and marketing and utilize the benefits they derive from their resource pools.

The public sections of our site are a starting point into the kind of resources and people we work with. As a member you receive our weekly "Monday Morning with Einstein" infomail, distilled access to resources organized by topics, videos, powerpoint slide sets, and meeting planning resources including places to meet with our exclusive access to Available time slots in corporate Board Rooms, Country Clubs, Community Centers, Churches, Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, and even peoples homes. Rent meeting places for team leadership retreats, planning sessions, networking events for 6-60 people in the $20.-60./ hour range. Pictures, contracts, and much more.

If you are serious about becoming a leader of both success and influence, this site is your central resource for making it happen. Join today!
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ATLAN Is Better Business Coaching

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1327 E. Washington Drive Suite 137                                     8421 Dorchester Road, Suite 109-343
             Harlingen, TX 78550                                                                 Charleston, SC 29420            

   TX Office: (713) 370-7810                                        SC Office: (843) 808-7000   
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