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At Atlan, one of our core values is putting the problem first and solution second. That’s why our folks in the Business Team come to work every morning with the intent of helping as many people as they can. Even if this means telling them that we’re not the right fit for them.

As part of our Business Team, you’ll be our eyes and ears on the ground—working to understand our users’ biggest challenges and wins—so we can integrate this information into our vision for our products. Every line of code we write and every pixel we create will be shaped by what you see and hear on a daily basis.

Let’s lead from the front and show the world how it’s done.

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(Co-founders of Atlan)

Hello, we are Atlan! 👋

A home for data teams around the world. 🏠 Atlan makes it easier for diverse data users – business users, product managers, analysts, and engineers – to collaborate effectively. (Think of what Salesforce is for sales teams or GitHub for engineering teams). (Check out our website, product tour, and docs.)

Built for the humans of data, by the humans of data

At Atlan, we started as a data team ourselves tackling problems like national healthcare and poverty alleviation with data science. (Check out our TEDx talk and case studies.)

The problem: After working on 200+ data projects, we learned how tough it was to scale data teams. Data teams are one of the most interdisciplinary teams ever created. They're made up of analysts, data scientists, engineers, business users – diverse people with their own tooling preferences, skill sets, and "DNA" that need to come together. This leads to collaboration chaos.

We were awoken with crisis calls every second day for the minutest of issues — from troubleshooting why a number on a dashboard was incorrect to difficulties in getting access to the right data set! Atlan started with us building tools to make our own data team more agile.

These tools made our team 6x more agile, helping us take on amazing projects like building India's National Data Platform used by India's Prime Minister. The best part — this was built by an eight-member team, the fastest project of its kind to go live, in a record twelve months instead of the projected three years.

💡 We asked, could the tooling we built for ourselves help data teams around the world? That's how Atlan was born. We're on a mission to help data teams around the world do their lives' best work.

Read our co-founder Prukalpa's article on the half-a-decade backstory that drives everything we do at Atlan and our journey of failing three times before we figured out the real solution.

🚀 We're growing fast

In the last two years, we have onboarded several dream customers, started working with some amazing partners, and watched as our team spread across 19+ countries.

In 2022 Atlan was named a Leader on the Forrester Wave for Enterprise Data Catalogs for Data Ops after also being named a Gartner Cool Vendor in DataOps (the fastest company to do this since launch!).

Last year we also raised Series B funding with a $450million valuation. We're backed by top investors (like Insight Partners, Sequoia, and Waterbridge) and the shapers of the modern data stack (including the founders and CEOs of Snowflake, Looker, Stitch, and DataRobot) as our early investors. 🏅

Watch this six-minute video of our journey so far and where we're going.

We build with all our ❤️

We believe that data teams deserve fundamentally better software experiences across their diverse teams. Data is chaos, but that doesn't mean that work should be! 🌟

Love what Superhuman, Slack, Notion, Quip, and Figma have done for the modern workplace? Come build the future for data teams with

Why is this role important for us? 🔗

  • We started as a data team ourselves, and we want to be the kind of partner that we would have liked to have ourselves! This principal guides all our values and business decisions. For example, we are open by default built on open APIs, fully open architecture, publicly available documentation, no lock-ins, etc.
  • We fundamentally believe that the most important role of our sales and go-to-market team is to help customers solve problems and play the role of a trusted advisor. Sometimes this might mean turning customers away and even recommending other solutions. Even if we lose some revenue in the short term by doing so, we believe that doing right by the customer is always the right thing to do.
  • Our GTM team has been growing rapidly to meet customer demand and we’re looking for talented sales engineers to help build and mature our sales engineering function.
  • We're looking for someone who's passionate about solving problems, loves all things data, and is looking for a high-impact role in a high-growth startup.

Your mission at Atlan ⭐️

  • You will build strong relationships with stakeholders inside the organizations, from CDOs and Data Platform leaders on one hand to data engineers and analysts on the other. Your goal will be to understand the problems they're aiming to solve.
  • You will be the trusted advisor for data teams on their journey to building a modern data platform. You'll evangelize Atlan and the broader principles of an agile data culture to the broader data community.
  • You'll do whatever it takes to arm customers with all the information they need to make a decision about bringing on Atlan as a part of their daily workflows — from setting up customized demo flows to running trials and POCs, office hours, and more.
  • You will be our eyes and ears on the ground, constantly hearing customer feedback and working closely with our product team to incorporate feedback into the product roadmap.
  • You will enable prospective customers to understand the different contexts in which the Atlan product can be effectively used and conceptualize new use cases and solutions.
  • You'll work closely with cross-functional stakeholders like marketing, sales, product, and engineering to help build a category-defining company.

What makes you a match for us? 😍

  • Data background: Prior experience as a hands-on data practitioner who would like to move to a customer-facing role to support other data practitioners; or as a sales engineer or solutions architect for a data product, technical product, or consulting company.
  • Strategic accounts: You will need experience with Fortune 500 customers, dealing with complex sales cycles and multi stakeholder deals.
  • Problem solving: You love to nerd out on technical problems and find creative, out of the box solutions to customer problems.
  • Technical expertise: You are proficient in SQL, Python and Rest API's.
  • Strong communication and stakeholder management skills.
  • Entrepreneurial mindset: You're excited about the opportunity to build a company from the ground up.
  • Past experience in sales engineering or technical data practitioner/customer-facing roles (minimum 7 years).
Do your life’s best work at Atlan 🚀

At Atlan, our mission is to help data teams do their life's best work. Inside Atlan, our goal is to help Atlanians do their life's best work while at Atlan and reach their Ikigai.

We'd normally invite potential Atlanians to our office to meet our team and understand our culture. But since the global pandemic, we've opened up our internal team handbook instead, which is a great read about our values and principles and how we think about growth and internal practices as we build a dream team.

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Do your life's best work with Atlan

Shape the future of our products

As part of the Business Team, you play a pivotal role. You are the voice of our users and inform all the important decisions we make. You will work closely with our users and prospects to understand their pain points and feed this information into our product roadmap.

Ownership and autonomy from day one

At Atlan, business is all about putting the user first and addressing their needs. So the way your set your goals will be informed by the unique challenges that you need to solve. That’s why you have complete ownership of your projects—you set the priorities, decide on the experiments, and the best way to reach your goals.

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