Built on open source. Open by default.

Like you, we hate being locked into closed, black-box platforms. That’s why we built Atlan’s core platform on leading open-source projects and made every action API-driven.


“We are big believers in automating wherever possible. The quality and depth of your APIs, the fact that everything can be API-driven, was a huge deal for us.”

Phil Warner

Director of Data



A $6B fintech
generates programmatic documentation

Atlan’s OpenAPIs push an automated README template to new Redshift assets in Atlan.

The template standardizes documentation for developers by having pre-defined sections and encourages asset owners to create documentation on time.

API calls per week

Delhivery increased documentation by 250%

Atlan auto-populated column descriptions for 90% of Delhivery’s assets and assigned owners by scanning query log history.

Automation helped developers document assets at scale and reduced time-to-ownership.

Column descriptions automatically deduced by Atlan

Groupe La Centrale created a custom wrapper for DynamoDB

The team at Groupe La Centrale created a public script on GitHub to programmatically ingest metadata from DynamoDB.

The bot reads table metadata from a DynamoDB template and publishes the information to Atlan via OpenAPIs.


“We liked that Atlan has a fundamentally open philosophy… This gave us the ability to customise the product for our end users  —  bringing together the best of open-source with a polished, off-the-shelf user experience.

Akash Deep Verma

Director, Data Engineering


The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata

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