Atlan Recognized as Emerging Vendor for Augmented Data Catalogs by Gartner.

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The Powerfully Simple

Modern Data Catalog

Extremely fast and intuitive—our data catalog is built for the data team of the future.

The Powerfully Simple

Modern Data Catalog

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Atlan Recognized as Emerging Vendor for Augmented Data Catalogs by Gartner.

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"Existing data management solutions contain an abundance of metadata that most organizations find difficult to identify, much less analyze. Data and analytics leaders can reuse existing metadata to build the data fabric for the enterprise and simultaneously get real value from enterprise metadata."

Gartner, How to Activate Metadata to Enable a Composable Data Fabric, Mark Beyer, Ehtisham Zaidi, Published 16 July 2020.

Mark Beyer

Mark Beyer

Distinguished VP Analyst

Ehtisham Zaidi

Ehtisham Zaidi

Sr Director Analyst

Gartner subscribers can read the full research report by clicking below:

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A living catalog of all your data assets and knowledge

Discover and access data with its context via an intuitive, Marketplace-like interface

Google-like global search

Advanced metadata tagging

100+ data source integrations

AI-powered metadata scanning

Data provisioning workflows

Easy out-of-the-box set-up

Create a single source of truth for your data across its applications

Bring human tribal knowledge and business context alongside your data

Understand and improve data quality at every step of the way—automagically

Data UX designed for teamwork and collaboration

Stop data chaos with our reimagined Data Support Desk

Organized conversations

Assign tasks

Integrated file-sharing

Connects to your favourite tools

Slack & Email integration


Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s activities with a data news feed and notifications

Track data usage and adoption across your ecosystem, wherever your data goes

Stay on the same page with inbuilt version control and history

The only
cloud-first data catalog

The only cloud-first data catalog

Atlan is the only data catalog platform that combines the ease of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) with the security you get from owning your infrastructure. Deploy Atlan on your virtual private cloud (VPC) superfast.
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Deploy via a Kubernetes cluster
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Start cataloging in just 30 mins
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Get ready-to-use cloud formation templates
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Guarantee best-in-class security and access control
Our manifesto

Atlan is a company built for data teams,
by a data team just like yours

Atlan is a company built for data teams, by a data team just like yours

Our values define the company we want to be and the company we want to partner

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Open by Default

We believe you should use Atlan because you love the product, not because you’re locked in through a contract or to redundant technology.

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Plug and Play

Atlan integrates with the best tech in a rapidly evolving data ecosystem, so that our partners can embrace the tools most relevant to their use cases.

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Pay as You Go

No hefty upfront licensing fees. We believe in aligning ourselves to your team's success and our pay-as-you-go subscription fits teams of all sizes.

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Designed for Humans

Modern products shouldn’t need training. We spend an inordinate amount of time making Atlan naturally intuitive for both—technical and business users.

Atlan was incubated through 200+ data projects across diverse industries

Digital Natives

Financial Services

Consumer Goods



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Powered India's National Data Platform

Built in just 12 months, fastest of its kind globally.

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Awarded WEF Technology Pioneer

For overcoming the immense challenges of dirty data.

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National Data Platforms for UN SDGs

Leading role in shaping the Sustainable Development Goals.

Built with love...

for the humans of data, by the humans of data

Built with love for the humans of data, by the humans of data

How Atlan helped democratize a fortune 500 company with the 3rd largest data lake on Microsoft Azure

Adopting a modern data catalog was the first step to democratizing the data lake for this fortune 500. By creating self-service analytics ecosystems, accelerating digital transformation and governance, they were able to reduce time to insight by 60X, achieve business value in 4 weeks and complete transformation in 9 months.

"All other products in this space have been developed keeping the technical user in mind. Our vision of data democratization went beyond the technical user to touch every business user..."
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Case Study

Learn how Atlan helped a public Fortune 500 company achieve its data vision.

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