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The first data catalog
built for the future

The modern data management solution for the workplace of the future

Does your data lake increasingly look like a data swamp?

Adopting a modern data catalog is the first step to creating self-service analytics ecosystems to democratize your data lake, accelerate digital transformation and governance, and reduce time to insight by 60X.

Modern data catalogs can help you curate, access and extract important business context from your data lake—along with your data itself...

Data Catalog Primer

Everything you need to know about data catalogs in a simple guide.

Living catalog of all your data assets and knowledge

Discover and access data with its context via an intuitive, Marketplace-like interface

Google-like global search

Advanced metadata tagging

100+ data source integrations

AI-powered metadata scanning

Data provisioning workflows

Easy out-of-the-box set-up

Create a single source of truth for your data across its applications

Bring human tribal knowledge and business context alongside your data

Understand and improve data quality at every step of the way—automagically

With Atlan, your data is instantly portable and reusable across your ecosystem

Let your data live where you want it to and connect with the tools you choose. Make it easy for anyone to use the data they need, whenever they need it, and in whichever format they desire.

Downstream BI integrations

Shareable URL

Native Excel plugin

Unified Data API

Tableau extension

Data UX designed for teamwork and collaboration

Stop data chaos with our reimagined Data Support Desk

Organized conversations

Assign tasks

Integrated file-sharing

Connects to your favourite tools

Slack & Email integration


Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s activities with a data news feed and notifications

Track data usage and adoption across your ecosystem, wherever your data goes

Stay on the same page with inbuilt version control and history

Atlan is more than just a data catalog,
it is the integrated data workspace for modern teams

Visually query petabytes of data from your browser

Query petabytes of data from your browser itself and get the insights you need. All within milliseconds.

Visual SQL editor

Petabytes of data

Browser-based querying

Excel plugin

Analytics catalog

Cross-data querying

Experiment with our collaborative data canvas

Get the complete power to manipulate and play around with your data. No waiting for IT to respond.

Drag-n-drop canvas

DIY transforms

Python, R & Jupyter notebooks

Testing environment

Query & error logs

Inbuilt testing

Automate your data pipelines and eliminate grunt work

Optimize data pipelines and costs with our smart orchestration deployment. Let your data engineers focus on what matters.

No code needed

Automate pipelines

Monitor workflows


Easy debugging

Log & audit trails

See our catalog in action

Watch Video Demo

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