Data catalog primer: Learn how to boost data discovery and access within your team

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What is a data catalog and why should you even care?

Companies today are dealing with vast amounts of data and those that can harness the enormous signal power of this data are expected to win. But there are many challenges in this process of becoming data-driven. One of the primary challenges is enabling teams to discover, understand, govern and consume the data they need to make better decisions.

The need of the hour is to remove data silos, let analytics flow at the speed of thought and create a single source of truth for your entire team. Data catalogs can help you do all this, and more.

Modern machine-learning-augmented data catalogs automate various tedious tasks involved in data cataloging... these next-generation data catalogs can therefore propel enterprise metadata management projects by allowing business users to participate in understanding, enriching and using metadata to inform and further their data and analytics initiatives.

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A truly modern data catalog platform can help you:

Create a single source of truth for your data across all its applications

Make data cataloging a part of your data processes, not an isolated activity

Quickly access and share the insights you need via a centralized repository

Enforce and simplify data security and compliance, by tracing data across its lifecycle

How can Atlan help with your data catalog needs?

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Atlan is the next-generation data catalog that boosts data discovery and data access within your team. Ace an essential part of your master data management strategy with Atlan.

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