The Future of the Modern Data Stack in 2023


Can’t decide what’s hype and what’s reality in data today?

Read about the ideas that exploded in the data world last year and what the future holds for the modern data stack in 2023.



Discover the trends you should know about the modern data stack as you enter 2023

Semantic Layer

Are metrics poised to become a first-class citizen in transformation tools this year?

Data Activation

Why did this take off last year, and what does it mean for CDPs and reverse ETL tools?

Data Mesh

It’s one of the biggest buzzwords. But what exactly is it, and is it going somewhere this year?

Active Metadata

Why did analysts skyrocket this new category, and will it replace data catalogs this year?

Data Contracts

Will data governance will shift left and data standards become a first-class citizen in orchestration?

Data Observability

Will it converge with data quality, reliability, and testing to create a new “data trust” category?

Data Stack Consolidation

Will the recession actually make the modern data stack better for buyers and users?

Oracle and SAP

Will legacy, on-premise data systems finally become part of the modern data stack?

Spend Optimization

How will data teams and vendors alike work to optimize data storage and reduce costs?

Data ROI

Will companies get more serious about measuring ROI, and what does that mean for data teams?

The Future of the Modern Data Stack

We assembled a panel of rockstars — Bob Muglia, Barr Moses, Benn Stancil, Douglas Laney, and Tristan Handy — to share their thoughts in a spicy discussion on the future of data this year.

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Real Love from the Modern Data Community

You're right! Prukalpa so many things happened in 2021! I can barely cope with all that! I'm excited about all things to come in 2022, especially data governance and data observability.


David Regalado

Co-Founder at Data Eng LATAM

Fantastic read! I really believe that distributed data ownership is enevitable, and have been a believer in the core idea behind a data mesh for years.


Abhishek Ratna

Al/ML Marketeer at Google

Thanks to Prukalpa Sankar for sharing her thoughts on the future of Modern Data Stack. A terrific seminal survey.


Vas Bhadarkar

CEO of ScoreData Corporation

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