The Ultimate Guide to Evaluating a Data Catalog


Data catalogs are going through a paradigm shift.

This ebook breaks down where they came from, why they're changing, and where they're going.


Does your data lake increasingly look like a data swamp?

Adopting a modern data catalog is the first step to creating self-service analytics ecosystems to democratize your data lake, accelerate digital transformation and governance, and reduce time to insight by 60X.

However, before you go ahead and implement one of the many data catalog solutions in the market, you need to identify, evaluate and double-check which of them are best suited to your organization's data needs and complexities.


Create a comprehensive framework for catalog evaluation

Learn to create a customized evaluation criteria and get the most value from a POC (proof-of-concept) in our step-by-step guide.

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Discover the five steps to finding the right data catalog for your organization

Step 1

Define organizational needs and budget for a data catalog

Step 2

Create a customized catalog evaluation criteria

Step 3

Understand data catalog vendors and offerings in the market

Step 4

Shortlist select data catalog vendors and take detailed demos from them

Step 5

Execute hands-on Proof of Concepts (POCs) that help your business see value

Meet the data catalog built for the future

Atlan is more than just a data catalog, it is an integrated data workspace for modern teams.


Get a 7-point comparison of existing data catalog solutions

In this guide, you'll also find a quick comparison of existing data catalog solutions on their ease-of-use, data integrations, scalability and licensing, compiled from Gartner Peer Review.

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