How a $3.5B startup broke out of the "Data as a Service" trap and made self-service real through reusable data products

Hear how the Chargebee data team saved time and added value by shifting to Agile workflows, and overall data culture change management

In 2020, the Chargebee data team had a problem. Their small three-person data team had to support a company of hundreds of people. The company had scaled rapidly, and along with it its data and number of data consumers. Chargebee had fallen into a data as a service trap — and acting as a service desk for the rest of the organization. Their team was handling over 100+ tickets every month. The more tickets they answered, the more tickets they got.

This is where Atlan came in. Within 18 months, the Chargebee data team reduced their adhoc tickets by 50% and increased self-serve significantly, with analysts reporting at least 5-6 hours saved every month. They did this by fundamentally shifting their culture from a data service culture to building data products.

In this Masterclass, the Chargebee team revealed their tactics:

👉 How to use your ticketing logs and conduct research to build your “data products” strategy

👉 Shifting the data team culture from servicing data requests to shipping “data products”

👉 How to prioritize which teams and use cases are best for early success

👉 What are the key results from data consumers and producers after implementing self-serve data products


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Austin Kronz

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan and Host

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Lavanya Gopinath

Sr. Director, Culture & Systems, Chargebee

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Lloyd Lamington

Business Solutions Manager, Chargebee

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