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Past, Present, & Future of Data Catalogs

The need for a DataOps focused approach


A Paradigm Shift:
Data Catalogs for DataOps

Watch an interactive masterclass with Michele Geotz, VP & Principal Analyst at Forrester Research on The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Data Catalogs For DataOps, Q2 2022.

Key trends driving modern metadata management

The need for enterprise data catalogs to provide deeper context, create end-to-end lineage, and drive automation from metadata.

Diversity, granularity, & dynamic nature of data

Open APIs and personalized experiences across development and delivery processes to enable the diverse humans of data.

Enabling a self-serve ecosystem at scale

Creating bidirectional flow of metadata, embedded collaboration, and workflows between the data and developer environments.

Insights from the Author of the Forrester Wave™ Report

Engage in a deep exploration of Enterprise Data Catalogs for the DataOps environment and learn the trends to look out for in the future.

How to evaluate an EDC for the DataOps environment

Evaluation criteria used in the Forrester study and what data leaders should look for to select the right metadata platform.

Open AMA with Michele Goetz, Forrester Research

Have questions on what makes a best-in-class modern data platform? Share them with us, or ask Michele directly during the masterclass.

Atlan named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™!

”Atlan is more than metadata and data governance, standing out from the competition.”

From The Forrester Wave™

Enterprise Data Catalogs
Evolve To Support
Modern Data Platforms

Metadata management is not new, but it is one of the fastest evolving and critical components of a best-in-class and modern data platform.

Conceptual data understanding is viable for consumption use cases like analytics, governance, and business processes that data governance catalogs provide. But data engineers need detailed telemetry and logical data of the data environment to make the right trade-offs to architect and build data-driven applications. Which is why they need enterprise data catalogs for the DataOps environment to understand and activate data.

As a result of these trends, enterprise data catalog (EDC) customers should look for providers that:

  • Address the diversity, granularity, and dynamic nature of data and metadata.
  • Generate deep transparency of the nature and path of data flow and delivery.
  • Deliver a UI/UX that reinforces modern DataOps and engineering best practices.
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“They need data catalogs for the DataOps environment to understand and activate data .”

“Atlan maintains a strong focus for continued innovation in this metadata-driven data and application ecosystem.”

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Watch the Masterclass

Watch an interactive masterclass with Michele Goetz, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, and the author of the Wave.

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