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Tide’s Story of GDPR Compliance:
Embedding Privacy into Automated Processes

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PII Tagging Effort
50 days to 5 hours
GDPR Compliance
Strengthened for 500k customers


    Key Findings
  • Tide, a UK-based digital bank with nearly 500,000 small business customers, sought to improve their compliance with GDPR’s Right to Erasure, commonly known as the “Right to be forgotten”.
  • After adopting Atlan as their metadata platform, Tide’s data and legal teams collaborated to define personally identifiable information in order to propagate those definitions and tags across their data estate.
  • Tide used Atlan Playbooks (rule-based bulk automations) to automatically identify, tag, and secure personal data, turning a 50-day manual process into mere hours of work.
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How TechStyle Used Agile Sprints to Roll
Out a Modern Data Platform

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Lineage and Visibility
Achieved with Atlan in one day
Column-level Documentation
718 completed using agile sprints


    Key Findings
  • Techstyle is a fashion retailer with a portfolio of five brands that includes Fabletics, Savage X Fenty, JustFab, FabKids, and Shoedazzle, reaching 5.5 million customers and driving $750 million in annual revenue.
  • Employing a hub-and-spoke analytics model, Techstyle’s Data Platforms Team supports each brand with common technologies and engineering, integrations, architecture, and governance support.
  • Using Agile sprints, TechStyle quickly and successfully modernized their data stack, then adopted Atlan to significantly accelerate their data documentation and democratization initiative.
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A Behind-the-scenes Look at How
Postman’s Data Team Works

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Data Team Growth
5x in just 12 months
Agile Methodology
Successfully implemented


    Key Findings
  • Postman, a market-leading API collaboration platform used by 17 million people, aimed to better structure their Data & Analytics practice to support their organization’s significant growth.
  • In just one year, Postman’s data team grew by 4-5x to 25 people, onboarding one new hire per month for 6 months, then two four-person batches of new team members.
  • By adopting Atlan, creating a new team hierarchy, and adopting the agile methodology, Postman’s data team is now able to transparently and quickly process data requests and support their business counterparts.
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