Secrets of a Modern Data Leader

The First 365 Days Inside a Data Team


Today’s modern data leaders are working without a playbook.

Being a data leader is an important job — you hold in your hands the opportunity to shape your organization and create a better work environment. Here’s how to build the right foundation for years to come, taking lessons from industry leaders who’ve made it to the other side. Your day one starts here.



Explore four critical steps to a successful first year in the job

Set yourself up with strategy

How to start by listening, set goals, create a hiring path, and invest in your data foundation

Build a team that will grow with you

How to map your company’s data needs and solve the eternal centralized vs. decentralized dilemma

Cultivate a data culture

How to build your team values and create practices to help your team flourish

Invest in your data stack

How to follow modern data stack best practices and decide when to build vs. buy tools

ATLAN ROUNDTABLE Secrets of a Modern Data Leader

Just starting as a data leader? Looking to do better in your current role? Learn more about what it takes with a panel discussion from some of today’s most inspiring data leaders.

In this candid chat, our panel will unpack how they think about building a strong foundation from day one, nurturing a growing team, cultivating the right data culture, and much more.

January 12, 2023

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