Data can be chaos.
Your work shouldn’t be.

Data can be chaos.
Your work shouldn’t be.

Atlan is a delightful new way for the humans of data to manage their daily workflows. Sign up for early access.
Atlan is a delightful new way
for the humans of data to manage their daily workflows. Sign up for early access.

Data teams today are overwhelmed and under enormous pressure

Despite spending $114b on big data, companies are struggling to reap the returns.

Inside enterprises, every aspect of the way humans work with data is broken

But what if there was a
better way?

What if there was a better way?

Humans of data,
welcome home

Humans of data, welcome home

At Atlan, we're truly democratizing data—both internal and external—for teams everywhere. It’s the collaboration layer that your team has been waiting for.

The tools you love, the data you need and your entire team. All in one place.

Creating a frictionless collaboration experience for data teams everywhere


Data Collection

Deploy mobile data collection applications to digitize business processes and collect training data—no coding required. Works offline.

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“With Atlan, we have built a seamless process that has reduced refund claims to 0% and improved customer loyalty!”

Logistics HeadVC-funded logistics startup

Digitized their warehouse logistics workflows via Atlan


Data Governance

Democratize data within your organization by making it easy to discover, access and share data. The missing layer from your data lake.

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“Atlan is becoming the data spine of our organization, upon which we will build more data products.”

Analytics LeadFortune 500 Company


Data Acquisition

Seamlessly access external data from 600+ diverse data sources and providers. Now easily get external data in minutes, not months.

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“With Atlan, I got access to alternative data in minutes and spent more time analyzing data than looking for it! Our results are promising.”

Data ScientistLeading Bank

Uses Atlan to predict best locations for its banks/ATMs


Data Operations

Automate repetitive tasks, eliminate human grunt work and reduce human handshakes. The collaborative canvas for data your team has been waiting for.

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“Your product saves me 1.5 hours a day! I am now learning Python with the extra time. Thank you.”

MIS ManagerCPG Company

Uses Atlan to automate repetitive internal workflows

Pioneering technology recognized by the World Economic Forum

Joining the league of companies like Google,
Mozilla, Kaggle and Airbnb.

Award-winning technology

We power India's National Data Platform

Turbocharged by our tools, a small 10-member data team made 42 siloed government databases talk to each other in a record 12 months.

“This is a crucial step towards good governance through which we will be able to monitor everything centrally. It will enable us to effectively monitor every village of the country.”

Narendra Modi
Honorable Prime Minister of India

Built for the humans of data by the humans of data

We started out as a data team ourselves at the world’s leading data for social good company. Atlan was born out of the internal tools we built to ease our frustrations. Ultimately, turbocharged by our tools, our team achieved 2x quality outcomes, in 50% of the time with just 1/3rd of the resources.

Powering data teams in 50 countries around the world

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