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Product Townhall 2022

The next generation of metadata is here — personalized, collaboration-first, and automated. Join us as we unveil the all new Atlan — for the first time, publicly.

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The Future of Data Catalogs:
Active Metadata

We have only scratched the surface of what metadata can do. The future is going to be very different.

  • If Netflix can personalize user experiences, why can’t we?
  • Zapier and UIpath helped make automations a breeze, so why can’t we?
  • Like Notion, Slack, and Zoom, why can’t we create a perfect collaboration ecosystem for data teams?

Join our founders, Prukalpa and Varun, for a discussion on key trends shaping the metadata world, the birth of active metadata, and where the future is headed.

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Making data teams truly agile

Personalized Experiences

“As much as it's personalized per person, it's also personalized by person by what they're trying to do right then. So thank you!”


Sara Swart,

VP of Strategic planning

Open by Default

“We are big believers in automating wherever possible. The quality and depth of your APIs, the fact that everything can be API-driven, was a huge deal for us.”


Phil Warner,

Director of Data

Collaboration in Flow

“I really liked the collaboration features… You can create a link and immediately send it to another person and say 'Hey, this is a data asset that has an issue' so you can make it actionable.”


Venkat Gopalan,

Chief Technology Officer


Open AMA
with our founders

Where’s the space headed? What’s on our roadmap? How do you succeed with an Atlan implementation? What are the use cases for active metadata?

All your questions, answered LIVE.


Here’s what our customers said about the all new Atlan.

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Atlan Activate

Tuesday, 2 August


11:00 am ET



We unveiled Atlan's biggest update at Atlan Activate — built for personalization, collaboration, and automation

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