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checklist iconAugment every human of data with an AI copilot
checklist iconDocument 100s of data assets on autopilot
checklist iconDrive insights with natural language exploration
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Relive the magic
of Atlan AI

checklist iconThe first ever live demo of Atlan AI
checklist iconThe future of Atlan AI & our roadmap
checklist iconAMA on how AI will supercharge data teams
Varun Banka

Co-Founder, Atlan

A sneak peek into
the powers of Atlan AI

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ChatGPT for Data Discovery

Search in natural language to discover the most relevant, reliable data assets

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Natural Language Lineage Summaries

Save time by asking Atlan AI to simplify complex SQL transformations into natural language

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Auto Generate SQL

Focus on asking the right questions, let Atlan AI handle the SQL queries

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Experience Atlan AI, the first ever copilot for data teams.


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