Atlan Activate

Supercharged Automation to Map Your Data Estate

Learn how you can leverage Atlan’s automations to scale your team’s efforts with customizable Playbooks, Trident suggestions, and Popularity scores.

07 Dec

01:00 PM ET


Varun Banka

Co-Founder, Atlan

Elevate your data team with magical automations

Join Atlan Activate to learn how newly launched automations can help you spend more time on meaningful projects, and less time writing descriptions and classifying data.

Learn how your team can level up with:

Atlan’s Playbooks

Customize automations to bulk create tags, attach owners, propagate column descriptions, attach classifications and more

Atlan’s Trident Suggestions

Get magical suggestions for metadata like column descriptions, owners, and classifications by leveraging patterns from your data estate

Atlan’s Deep Query Mining

Automatically identify your most used assets, most popular queries, and top users by parsing SQL query history

Atlan’s Open APIs

Programmatically update and leverage metadata by integrating into CI/CD pipelines, orchestration tools, ingestions tools, and more

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