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Bridging the
Data Trust Gap

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Wed, 29 Nov 2023
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01:00 PM ET
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See how Atlan brings your data producers and consumers closer than ever before, with trust signals from tools across your modern data stack.

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What is the Data Trust Gap?

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Data Quality ≠ Data Trust: Bridging the Data Trust Gap

From broken pipelines to column name changes, there isn’t just one way to break trust. Trust breaks across tools and teams, with no warning sign. This is today’s reality for data teams, but it’s one that we can fix, if we understand the core problem: the data trust gap.

The data trust gap refers to the separation that exists between data producers and data consumers, when there’s no visibility, transparency, and collaboration between them.

Read more to learn:

  • Why data trust isn’t just about data quality
  • What the data trust gap looks like
  • How the data trust gap impacts organizations

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