How a Fortune 500 went from data silos to data democratization with Atlan

Atlan case study

What you can expect in this 30-page report...

When a leading Fortune 500 began its journey to creating a data-driven culture, it was up against several challenges. But the company successfully transformed its data swamps into a thriving data ecosystem by partnering with Atlan.

This case study digs deep into the data democratization challenges faced by the company, ranging from data silos to data security issues. More importantly, it shares real-world solutions and tips that you too can implement within your team.

With Atlan, the team at Unicorn has been able to:

Discover and access data along with its context by creating a single source of truth.

Explore and experiment with petabytes of data right from right within your browser.

Enable business users and analysts to independently run experiments with self-serve analytics.

Automate and schedule repetitive data workflows to reduce human grunt work and prevent errors.

Monitor data processes, pipelines and workflows with the help of automated alerts and warnings.

Connect with existing tools and infrastructure—from data lakes and warehouses to BI and ML tools.

Hear it from the humans of data themselves

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