Modern Data Catalog for BigQuery

Extremely fast and intuitive - Atlan is a cloud-first data catalog built for the BigQuery data warehouse.

Data Catalog 3.0

Democratize all your
BigQuery data assets!

Data discovery dashboard
Google-Like Search
Quickly find any data asset that you’re looking for — tables, databases, BI dashboards or saved queries — all in one place.
Searchable Business Glossary
Searchable Business Glossary
Correlate important business terms with any data object—tables or columns, saved SQL snippets, & reproducible queries to generate a common understanding of the data and how to use it.
Lineage & Impact Analysis
Lineage & Impact Analysis
Reveal how data has evolved through its lifecycle, where it has come from, and foresee the assets that will be impacted due to change going forward.
Easy Governance
Easy Governance
Manage data usage and adoption across your ecosystem, no matter where your data goes, via granular governance and access controls.
Collaborate with Ease
Collaborate with Ease
Effectively collaborate with your team through in-line chats and annotations. Stay on the same page by sharing data assets and queries with a single link. Work better together!
Visual Query Builder
Visual Query Builder
Run Excel-like queries like filters, aggregations, and grouping on petabytes of data from your data lakes and warehouses. No coding required.

With Atlan, we were able to discover and manage 2,500+ data assets from diverse data sources (i.e., the tables from Snowflake & Postgres, and BI dashboards from Sisense) with over 46,000 columns

Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar

Head of Data Management & Engineering

Funding Societies | Modalku Group

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Data governance at SEA’s largest digital P2P lending platform

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For Data Scientists & Analysts

Save Time in Exploration & Discovery.

Atlan’s contextual metadata, documentation, & profiling save 95% of the time that you spend on discovery and exploration.

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For Data Engineers

Surface Data Issues via Lineage.

Atlan’s automatic lineage and impact analysis mean you can catch data issues before they catch you.

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For Business Users

One Search Window for All Data & Dashboards.

Make data available for non-tech users with an accessible & interconnected view of all your organization’s data & assets.

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For IT & Stewards

Granular Access Control and Governance.

Atlan makes access control & governance a breeze with automated PII classification, granular access control & usage tracking.

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Quick Deployment

Deploys on your VPC or as a managed service.

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Open API Architecture

Integrate data quality–based rules and SLAs into ETL tools, pipelines, and BI dashboards.

Crawl icon

Auto-Crawling of Metadata

Ping your data source directly to leverage existing metadata.

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Auto-Classification of PII

Dynamically create classifications like PII and GDPR to protect sensitive data.

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Built for Non-Tech Users

We spend an inordinate amount of time making Atlan naturally intuitive for all users.

Alert icon

Monitoring and Alerts

Configure alerts and notifications via Slack, Microsoft Teams, or email.

Workflows icon

Approval Workflows

Create approval workflows to crowdsource metadata, request access to datasets, and more.

Plug and play icon

Downstream Integrations

Out-of-the-box integrations with popular BI tools like Tableau, PowerBI, and Sisense.

Snapshots icon

Quick Data Snapshots

See previews of your data sets, linked assets, associated classifications, and glossaries.

All this—fully virtualized on BigQuery

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