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Atlan is the first data catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner

Atlan named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™!

“The stand-alone metadata management platform will be refocused from augmented data catalogs to a metadata ‘anywhere’ orchestration platform.”

Core capabilities

The only data catalog that
activates your metadata

Sync Atlan with your data stack
in minutes.

Connect all your sources in three steps and monitor them through activity logs and automated Slack alerts.

Build Deep Conections with
Modern Data Stack

Find all the Slack discussions, GitHub links, and Confluence docs that connect to your asset, in one place.

A modern data catalog for

Modern Data Teams

“We chose Atlan because it integrates with our modern analytics stack such as Snowflake and Tableau... It was very easy to set up — we had all our data sources flowing in within the first day!”

Danielle Boeglin,

VP of Data & Analytics



“Atlan is our way of solving problems without having to ask three of your teammates a navigation question, a data lineage question, or an ownership question.”

Holly Hallman,

Director of Enterprise Analytics



“The clearest outcome [After Atlan] is that everyone is finally talking about the same numbers, which is helping us rebuild trust in our data. If someone says that our growth is 5%, it’s 5%.”

Prudhvi Vasa,

Analytics Leader



Finding the right data catalog can be tough

We’ve made it easier

Here’s everything you need to decide if Atlan is the right fit for you

Atlan connects to all the most popular data sources like Snowflake and AWS, BI tools like Looker and PowerBI, and data movement tools like dbt.
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Open API architecture
We've built Atlan on an Open API architecture, so every action can be driven by APIs. Bring in any data product you want, from any source.
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Our Customers
From Fortune 500 companies to groundbreaking startups, leading data teams across the globe are cataloging their data with Atlan.
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Analyst Reports
Atlan was named a Leader in The Forrester Wave™ Enterprise Data Catalogs for DataOps, Q2 2022, with multiple mentions in Gartner reports from 2020 - 2022.
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Atlan is the first data catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner. See all our cloud and technology partnerships.
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Security and Compliance
Atlan is a fully virtualized platform that lets your team discover data without ever ingesting your data. Atlan is SOC2 and HIPAA certified.
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Atlan + Snowflake
are better together

“Atlan's open API-based approach, pay as you go model & delightful user experience aligns well with Snowflake’s own ethos, and what customers are demanding from their tools."

Tarik Dwiek

Tarik Dwiek

Head of Global Technology Partnerships, Snowflake


The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata

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