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How FOX and Atlan are Co-building the Future of D&A Governance
Join Oliver Gomes, VP of Analytics and Strategy at Fox, and Austin Kronz, Director of Data Strategy at Atlan, in an enlightening session that delves into the future of data and analytics governance. Explore firsthand how Fox has strategically crafted an innovative, yet meticulously governed, data-driven organization. Gain valuable insights into Fox's journey, as they embrace cutting-edge technologies like Atlan and foster a comprehensive composable data and analytics architecture.

Oliver Gomes

VP of Analytics and Strategy, Fox

Austin Kronz.

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan

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Data Strategy Consultation

Is your governance
strategy bulletproof?

Review your data governance plans with Austin
Kronz, a former Gartner analyst and currently
Atlan’s Director of Data Strategy.

Austin Kronz.

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan
Former Gartner Analyst

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