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The Modern Data Stack Conference 2023 by Fivetran

iconSan Francisco
iconApril 4-5, 2023
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Access Granted! Active Metadata Unlocks Governed Data Discovery

altText 3:00 - 3:20 PM PDT

altText Tue, April 4, 2023

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Getting more of your teams access to the trusted data they need without creating bottlenecks or compromising on compliance — think Marketing, Sales and Finance — is the promise of data democratization. We'll break down challenges with data democratization, discuss how active metadata is critical in achieving this vision, and the benefits it is already having on data discovery.
Austin Kronz

Director of Data Strategy, Atlan

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Sign up for a demo on how Atlan integrates with Fivetran’s Metadata API to create truly end-to-end lineage, covering everything from upstream sources to the warehouse, and finally, to the BI layer.

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We’re excited to meet you in person at MDSCon 2023! Sign up for a demo of Atlan + Fivetran’s Metadata API or our happy hour celebrating the humans of data.

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