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Empower self-service, collaborate with clarity, and optimize your data stack with the power of AI.

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The only catalog that activates your metadata

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No more silos in your stack

Through industry-leading partnerships with tools you use every day, Atlan brings your data stack, and your data team, together.


Powering the next generation of data teams
From enterprises to startups

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The future of data catalogs
Active Metadata

The next generation of metadata is here — personalized, collaboration-first, and automated.

Our Manifesto

We’re building the company
we wish we could’ve partnered with

We built Atlan for the problems we faced as a data team ourselves.
And from our learnings, we wrote a manifesto to guide everything we do at Atlan.

Open by default
As a data team, we hated being locked in by vendors. So we built Atlan to be fundamentally open by default. No contract lock-ins, and fully API-based.
Partners not vendors
We’ve consciously chosen to be more than just a software company. It is our mission to treat your goals as our own and help you build a strong DataOps culture.
Designed for humans
Modern software shouldn’t need training. We spend an inordinate amount of time making Atlan naturally intuitive for technical and business users.
DIY Setup
Engineering time is too valuable to be spent on tasks that can be automated. That’s why we’ve set up Atlan to be as DIY and automated as possible.
Plug and play
The data ecosystem is constantly changing. That’s why we built Atlan to help you evolve, with plug-and-play integrations for your modern data stack.
Pay as you go
We align ourselves to your success. So we ditched the million dollar licensing fees to create adoption-based pricing that scales with you, as you get value out of Atlan.
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that make our day
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When I mention Atlan to other competitors, people literally stop replying to us. Because Atlan is such a strong competitor, they know they’ve lost the deal.

Rémi Paulin

Data Architect

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Phil Warner5:10 AM

Unlike other tools we evaluated, Atlan isn't just a tool, it is a destination.

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Petra Pechovska1:54 PM

I love your instant response from anyone from Atlan. That’s rare and precious!

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Austin Lin Gibbons7 hours ago

We picked as being the right choice between “new startup looking for traction” and “large annoying enterprise company”.

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Molly Vander Velde1:54 PM

After evaluating a bunch of tools in the market, we’re beginning to see how much Atlan really shines!

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The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata

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