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"With Atlan on AWS Marketplace, our customers can quickly add layers of trust and governance to their data stack without high upfront costs or long setup times."

Subhasis Bhattacharya

Global Technical Lead,
Data and Analytics at AWS

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Andy, Data Science1:54 PM
@Richa I made a request for the data 14 days ago. Any ETA on when the team will share it?
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Hanna, Analyst6:12 PM
@DataEngineering: The daily ARR dashboard is showing a 2X spike. Not possible! Can you check what went wrong?
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Carson, Analyst8:02 AM
@Richa what is the difference between the variables ETD_sales_2021 and YTD_sales_2021 in the master_sales table?
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Richa, Analytics Lead11:40 AM
@Andy please ensure that new analysts only access the data they need. We can’t have any PII breaches!
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Discover all your data assets in a single place

“At a data-driven company like Postman, it had become hard to discover and curate increasing amounts of data until we discovered Atlan. Atlan has become a valuable resource for the data team to get context about data.”


Prudhvi Vasa

Analytics Leader, Postman

See how you can discover your AWS data assets →

Find your single source of truth with 360° data asset profiles

“Before Atlan, we made gorgeous visualizations but it was difficult for users to interpret them because they didn't have enough context, leaving people confused by terms like “Active User”, which could mean different things to different teams. There was no common understanding across the organization.”

Molly Vander Velde

Molly Vander Velde

Data Engineer, Widen


Drive action on your data with embedded collaboration

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Data Catalog 3.0: Learn more about modern metadata for the modern data stack →

❤️  dbt & Airflow? So do we!

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We built the company we wanted to work with…

“It would take six or seven people and up to two years to build what Atlan gave us out of the box.We needed a solution on day zero, not in a year or two."

Akash Deep Verma

Director of Data Engineering,

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Build vs Buy: Delhivery’s Learnings from Implementing a Data Catalog →

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