360° context
for your diverse
data team

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“With Atlan, you can complement between business users and analytical engineers, so engineers also learn how the business is using data.”

Harel Shein

Head of Data Engineering,

Collaborate seamlessly
with end-to-end context

Atlan pulls in metrics from dbt and maps column-level lineage across your modern data stack, so your data team can work better together.

End-to-end, column-level lineage from source to BI
Enable data consumers and producers to self-serve
Enforce documentation standards in dbt
Semantic Layer on Atlan

dbt metrics as
first-class citizens in Atlan

Document your dbt metrics

Verify metrics, see definitions, and write context-rich READMEs.

Assign owners to business metrics

Avoid those pesky Slack DMs asking, “Who owns the ‘revenue’ metric?”

Visibility from source to metric

Salesforce admins see how their changes impact downstream metrics.

Query metrics with context

Find the right metric to query for your business reporting needs.

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Activate Your
Modern Meta(Data) Stack

Learn how leaders of the modern data stack are betting on metadata to drive the future of data collaboration. WITH LEADING COMPANIES IN THE MODERN DATA STACK

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“The dbt Semantic Layer gives customers a central source of truth for their business-critical metrics, and the ability to query them from tools like Atlan.”

Margaret Francis

Chief Product Officer

Column-Level Lineage

Go beyond tables and warehouses with end-to-end, column-level lineage

View column-level transformations

Atlan pairs automated SQL parsing with dbt Cloud’s API to create column-level visibility into all your dbt transformations.

Get visibility from your data sources to BI

You’ll see how dbt models are impacting not just columns in warehouses, but downstream BI dashboards and reports too.

Join leading data teams enabling self-service with Atlan and dbt

How WeWork uses dbt + Atlan to create a self-serve data platform for 1,500 data users.



Analytics engineers,
meet your business.

Atlan syncs everyday dbt users with diverse data personas, from analysts to admins, so data teams can work better with shared context.

“Through this partnership between dbt Labs, Atlan, and other industry leaders, organizations will be able to benefit from unprecedented consistency and precision in their key metrics.”


Enrich dbt documentation with
business context

Expose dbt docs to your entire team

By pulling metadata from dbt docs, Atlan makes native dbt context accessible to your data consumers.

Bring dbt context into all your tools

Atlan's Chrome extension brings dbt metadata where you work. If you're in a BI dashboard, you don't have to go searching for context in dbt.

Build documentation standards right from dbt

Atlan’s deep integration with dbt lets you create repeatable, metadata properties — like table owners and verified tags — in your dbt models.

It’s your way of sharing knowledge across your organization, by standardizing documentation for engineers.

dbt + Atlan
Activate your Metadata