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Get your Snowflake data estate ready for AI with Atlan

Part of the Snowflake Horizon Partner Ecosystem, Atlan empowers you to find, trust, and govern data and AI applications on Snowflake and beyond.

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Atlan’s unique, collaboration-first approach for the modern data stack helps to break down organizational silos and empower cross-functional teams to work together to make better business decisions.

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Atlan is the first data
catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner

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Active governance for your Snowflake Data Cloud and beyond

Make faster, confident decisions
Find the right data and align on business definitions with Atlan’s Catalog and Glossary.
Make faster, confident decisions
Manage compliance across tools
Tag once, tag everywhere. Automate compliance with bi-directional Object Tag sync between Atlan and Snowflake.
Accelerate root cause & impact analysis
Map your data estate with column-level lineage that’s automated, intuitive, and loved by users.
Drive adoption with data products
Create a marketplace of data products, curated by every domain, for every domain.
Govern data and AI with policies
Stay on top of governance by connect Atlan Policies to Snowflake data assets.
Maximize your Snowflake investment
Understand usage and find never-ending queries by surfacing Account Usage and Information Schema views in Atlan.

First Snowflake Horizon Partner to Enable Bi-Directional Tag Sync

“We are excited to offer Atlan’s modern data governance and active metadata capabilities to our customers. Atlan’s approach to data governance will help our joint customers get the most out of their data.”
Tarik Dwiek, Head of Technology Alliances

Industry leaders use Atlan and Snowflake to govern, trust, and democratize AI ready data

One control plane

for your entire data stack

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Soda connector
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Aurora connector
Teams connector
MonteCarlo connector
PowerBi connector
Jira connector
Airflow connector
BigQuery connector
Dremio connector
Snowflake connector
Databricks connector
dbt connector
Fivetran connector
Looker connector
Tableau connector
Redshift connector
Sigma connector
Azure connector
AWS S3 connector
MySQL connector
Athena connector
DynamoDB connector
Metabase connector
Postgres connector
Trino connector
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Customers rate us a Leader in categories from Catalog to Governance to Quality

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The only catalog that
Activates your Metadata

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