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Atlan’s unique, collaboration-first approach for the modern data stack helps to break down organizational silos and empower cross-functional teams to work together to make better business decisions.

Bob Muglia

Former CEO, Snowflake Board, Fivetran

Atlan is the first data catalog to be validated as a Snowflake Ready Technology Partner

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Andy, Data Science1:54 PM
@Richa I made a request for the data 14 days ago. Any ETA on when the team will share it?
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Hanna, Analyst6:12 PM
@DataEngineering: The daily ARR dashboard is showing a 2X spike. Not possible! Can you check what went wrong?
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reply imagereply image5 RepliesToday at 12:01 PM
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Carson, Analyst8:02 AM
@Richa what is the difference between the variables ETD_sales_2021 and YTD_sales_2021 in the master_sales table?
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Richa, Analytics Lead11:40 AM
@Andy please ensure that new analysts only access the data they need. We can’t have any PII breaches!
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Data can be chaos...

But your work doesn't need to be

Data Discovery
Global search using ⌘/CTRL + K shortcut

A single discovery plane for all your data assets

With Atlan, training and onboarding new analysts is a breeze. Analysts can explore and discover the data available, and even reach out to users of that table if they have deeper questions.”


Danielle Ragan

VP Data & Analytics, TechStyle Fashion Group

Data 360° asset profiles as the single source of truth

Seeing a visual representation of the data pipeline and how data flows across different sources in the organization is very powerful and can save a lot of time that would otherwise be spent on debugging.”

Manish Kumar

Manish Kumar

Head of Data Engineering, Funding Societies

Embedded collaboration driving action on your data

Chrome and Slack Connectors
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And many more...

Data Catalog 3.0: Learn more about modern metadata for the modern data stack →

Atlan + Snowflake
are better together

“Atlan's open API-based approach, pay as you go model & delightful user experience aligns well with Snowflake’s own ethos, and what customers are demanding from their tools."

Tarik Dwiek

Tarik Dwiek

Head of Global Technology Partnerships, Snowflake

❤️  dbt & Airflow? So do we!

Atlan builds deep connections with your favorite tools


We built Atlan to be a company we’d like to work with.

We chose Atlan because they integrate with our modern analytics stack such as Snowflake and Tableau. It was very easy to set up — we had all our data sources flowing in within the first day!"

Danielle Ragan

Vice President Data & Analytics,
TechStyle Fashion Group

See how TechStyle used agile sprints to roll out a modern data platform →

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