The Ultimate Guide for Remote Data Teams

Top tips, best practices and recommendations for data leaders to set up and manage remote data teams.

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When data teams start working from home, things can break


Primitive Security
& Governance

Most teams rely on protected office environments, IT-issued devices and admin-only permissions, creating endless cycles of back and forth messages.


Insufficient Tools
& Technology

Most data management tools do not have features for communication and remote access, which leads to negligible documentation and missing context.


Dependence on In-Person Communication

Teams rely on in-person and ad-hoc communication for complex data projects, without which productivity and agility decrease severely.


A step-by-step guide to setting up and running a remote data team, based on the learnings and experience of industry leaders and our own team that successfully managed 200+ large-scale data projects.

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Going remote? We've got you covered.

Atlan's modern data workspace enables your remote data team to do their lives' best work with minimal disruptions from Day 1.

Documentation-First Approach

Built-In Reproducibility

DIY Automation